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Why Seed In A Cup?

1. Convenient cup design: The kit comes with specially designed cups that make planting and growing your seeds hassle-free. Simply  sow the seeds, and watch them grow.

2. Variety of seeds: Our products features our offers a range of vegetable and herbs.  ensuring you can grow a variety of flavors in your kitchen. From lettuce and spinach to basil and parsley, you'll have options to suit your taste.

3. Easy-to-follow instructions: The kit includes detailed instructions on how to sow and care for your seeds Kit include:
4. Convenience: Our kit comes with everything you need to start growing vegetables and herbs, conveniently packed in a cup. No need for messy soil or separate pots.
5. Easy to use: Our kit is designed for beginners and gardening enthusiasts alike.

6. Compact size: The cups are compact in size, making them perfect for small spaces like kitchens or balconies. You don't need a large area, perfect for a small garden. Grow in spaces like kitchens or balconies.
7.Educational: Our kit also. You'll start seeing sprouts in just a few days, giving you a sense of satisfaction and motivation to continue.

8. Satisfaction guarantee.